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Ages ago, I published a blog in which I apologised for not replying to those readers who had responded to my blogs by writing in but to whom I had not replied for reasons which included my own IT stupidity and a computer glitch which obscured them.

Well, belatedly, I have gone through them all carefully now and found to my horror that there are more than 50 of them, all no doubt thinking what a discourteous rude lout I am for ignoring them.  Most of them alas did not include an e-mail address to which I could respond  and many signed their messages “Anonymous.”  For these and other reasons, then, let me acknowledge them all publically now and thank them for their interest in my work and for taking the trouble to write.

So I beg the indulgence of:  John Exell, Clement Schoondernoert (Netherlands), Chris Holmes, Donald Stuart, Thomas Baxter, Terry Carter, Bruce Bisby, Thomas B, John Lister, Alan, Robin, Arne Munk (Greenland), Alan Kempner, Thomas B, Alan Bellamy, Edith, TRAVELS WITH MY HAT, Pete Talbot , Paul Taylor, Peter Macmillan (Australia), David Slater, Colin, Ingard Weinser, George Price, Trollman (6 messages), Lesley Cookman, John Fowler, Jason Thomas, “A Collector,” Martin Solns, Sylvia Holmes, Chris Schmeizer, Colin Stevens, Joe Harley (USA), Errol McClelland, Mark Smullen, Nick Peacock, and the seven correspondents who signed themselves “Annonymous.”  To you all I apologise, beg you to write again and promise to do better in the future.