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“Dust Clouds of War,” the twelfth and possibly the last in the Simon Fonthill series, has exploded onto the book shelves at last and I shall be taking up residence to sign thousands of copies of the damned thing at Waterstone’s in Salisbury High Street this coming Saturday morning (20th Feb) from 11.30 until 1.30.

If any followers of Simon, 352 Jenkins and Alice happen to be in the vicinity, do please call in and say hello.  You don’t have to buy a book, although it would help to provide shoes for my  poor daughter if you did.  Just come and chat.  This book, you may recall, traces the trio’s adventures in a huge outpost of the 1914-16 war in what used to be German East Africa.  It was fun to research and fun to write and it would be so nice if people actually read it!  Ah well.  Perhaps that is asking too much.

While posting this all-too-rare blog may I offer a grovelling apology to 64 readers who e-mailed me on this site over the last couple of years about my books (most of them, I am glad to say, saying “well done, Wilcox, press on, you poor old devil”) and who did not receive a reply.  This was due to a combination of a computer glitch and my inability to find my way properly through the labyrinths of computerland.  I do apologise.  I promise to reply, however belatedly, to everyone over the next couple of weeks.

After the signing and those apologetic replies, I return to the craggy coast of North Cornwall in 1842 to continue to record the adventures of my new hero,  Joshua Weyland.  You will meet him, hopefully, just before Christmas this year.  What a treat!