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About me

An inability to do sums and a nascent talent to string words together steered me towards journalism – that and the desire to wear a trenchcoat, belted with a knot, just like Bogart.

The life of a daily morning newspaper reporter completely fulfilled me and I must have been competent because I won a “Young Journalist of the Year” award.

It still, then, puzzles me that I allowed myself to be lured away to become head of public relations at one of the UK’s largest car makers.

“Eighteen books

and fifteen novels later…”


I was happy, later, to move into the more tangible world of marketing and happier still when eventually I was able to sell the company that I partly owned to move to the country and just write.

Eighteen books, including fifteen novels later I am still at it. Nowhere am I more content than sitting in my studio at the bottom of my Wiltshire garden, among the fairies, looking out on my chestnut trees and the strange and exciting world that I am creating.